even [1] ADJECTIVE 1) flat and smooth; level. 2) equal in number, amount, or value. 3) having little variation in quality; regular. 4) equally balanced: the match was even. 5) (of a person's temper or disposition) placid; calm. 6) (of a number) divisible by two without a remainder.
VERB make or become even.
ADVERB used for emphasis: he knows even less than I do.
even as — Cf. ↑even as
even if — Cf. ↑even if
even now (or then) — Cf. ↑even then
even so — Cf. ↑even so
even though — Cf. ↑even though
DERIVATIVES evenly adverb evenness noun.
ORIGIN Old English.
even [2] NOUN archaic or literary evening.
ORIGIN Old English.

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